Sunday, May 27, 2012

#ICTEV2012 @MelbourneGrammar Pt I

So yesterday I went to Melbourne Grammar (first time, and impressed) for the 2012 ICTEV Conference (also a first for me, & quite impressed.

Some of the tips & tools will get posts later on, after I've looked at them in closer detail but thanks to all presenters at #ICTEV12 for the inspiration, excitement and insight that they gave to all of us on the day.

Highlights for the day (in no particular order):

  • Alan November's keynote to start the day about accidental happenings in education that influenced him as an educator, and breaking some of the conventional boundaries that we currently have in education
    • I think everyone would agree that they could have heard him talk all day
  • Jarrod Robinson's (@mrrobbo) session on building your own apps for your classroom
  • Mark O'Meara's (@markomeara) session on how to build presentations that engage our students, not bore them to death
  • Mark Pleasance's (@MarkPleasance) session on making students the tech experts (MacBook Experts) in his school
Unsurprisingly, met up with old & current colleagues, as well as new friends, of whom we shared our opinions on a number of ICT topics, and good discussion was had. The buzz around the place was truly inspirational!

True Story
Over the past few weeks, @_TarrynKennedy & myself have been talking about making an app to create our own iPod/iPhone/iPad apps to help manage our mutual class, 8 Maroon.

Thanks to @mrrobbo's session yesterday, this morning, I woke up and decided to create an app for myself and @_tarrynkennedy's classes where we could set homework tasks that could be accessed by students. Within a half hour, and after some very quick troubleshooting from @mrrobbo, myself and @_TarrynKennedy had a functional test app.

The ideas since have kept flowing this arvo and it'g going to be an exciting next few months for the both of us in regards to App Development

If you want to check out the app, feel free to do so at It's not much but it's a start :)

Feel free to add your views of #ICTEV12 below

May the Tech Be With You

Jimmy V

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  1. im glad you found the session valuable. I look forward to following your blogging journey. Keep up the good work