Sunday, May 27, 2012

The first post is always the hardest...

So here I am blogging on a cold Sunday afternoon in Melbourne, Australia finally getting into this Edu-Tech-Blogging craze.

Yesterday, I went to the #ICTEV12 conference in Melbourne Grammar, and have come out inspired to do my thing, share resources and make the education of the next generation better through the use of different pedagogies & ICT tools.

Ok so who I am...I'm Jimmy V. A twenty-something, 2nd year educator from one suburb in the outer west of Melbourne, teaching at a Catholic Secondary School in another suburb of the outer west. My subject areas currently are Junior Maths, Intermediate IT, Intermediate Personal Development & VCE IT. I'm passionate about tech in the classroom, and making life easier for teachers wanting good ideas for using tech.

You can follow me on Twitter at be mindful that it isn't always "Edu-Tech" tweets that appear there, there's the occasional #qanda tweets on a Monday night and the even more occasional footy or random tweet.

Thanks to @_TarrynKennedy for recommending I get into the "Edu-Tech-Blogging" thing & thanks to the awesome people at #ICTEV12 that inspired me to keep working hard to bring tech effectively into the classroom. I'll be talking about #ICTEV12 and the buzz generated in my next post.

My aim will be to post at least twice or three times a week, sharing these resources, ideas and ramblings with you all. Feel free to compliment, criticise or comment on any post as it is welcome. If you have any ideas that you

May The Tech Be With You...

Jimmy V

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