Friday, November 2, 2012

A great find...

Hey guys

Thought I'd just let you all know of a great resource that I stumbled upon months ago via Twitter (@tesResources), however only just required a use for it... is a collection of free resources, submitted by teachers all over the world. Over 500,000 resources are available, with the ability to search by keyword which then splits the matching resources in subject areas and school groupings. By the way, the TES are the crew behind The Times Educational Supplement in the UK. (I'm presuming that the TES is somewhat similar to the 'Learn' section in Melbourne's Herald Sun)

My use came out of the need for my Year 10 Wellbeing class where they will be required to discuss what it means to be the "perfect" male or female according to the stereotypes that currently exist in society via the media.

Within seconds, I had 303 resources at my fingertips, some useful for this particular, some not at all. I eventually settled on this one..Human Outline

Anyway, the resources also appear in Google searches so you can also search via Google :)

Anyway that's my "short & sweet" post for the time being.

Until next time...May the Tech Be With You

Jimmy V

UPDATE 10:10am 02/11/12 (AEST)
Just did a quick search of Twitter and noticed that the TES crew have around a dozen Twitter names based around different subject areas and different sectors of education!

Full list (I think) below:

  • tes Resources - Resources across all subject areas  
  • The tes - News and views from the editorial team from The Times Educational Supplement in the UK
  • tes New Teachers - Resources/Support/Advice for new (and "old") teachers
  • tes English - English resources from the site
  • tes Ed Tech - Tips and Tools for Good ICT practice
  • tes Maths - Maths resources from the site
  • tes FE Focus - Links and discussion from the TES Further Ed team
  • tes Science - Science resources from the site
  • tes Primary - Primary geared resources from the site
  • tes Special Needs - Resources for Special Needs teachers from the site

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